Terms & Conditions

All materials supplied remain the property of A. B. Services Kent Ltd until full payment has been received in full.
Payment for any work is payable immediately on completion  unless arranged with clients before work commences.
Bank transfer payments must be made by the Fast Payment Service , Payments by the BACS service are not accepted without prior arrangement.
Agreed payment terms can be altered by A.B. Services Kent Ltd with out prior warning.
Penalty charges of £25.00 or more are implemented on a pro rata basis for any late payments.

Wood Products

A. B. Services Kent Ltd shall not accept any liability for warp, wane, shrinkage, splitting or any other movement in timber.

Clients are advised that wood products supplied in there natural state ( ie decking ) can vary in shades and A.B Services Kent Ltd or there suppliers will not accept responsibility  for these variations including staining or oiling of the products.

Concrete Products

Efflorescence: Efflorescence is a temporary salt residue that can occur on all concrete products in their initial life. The salt masks the colour of the products and is often mistaken for fading. The best course of action is to leave the paved area to weather over time and efflorescence will usually disappear.

Differential Curing: dark patches occasionally appear on the surface of garden products. This is is known as Differential Curing and is caused by varying moisture levels within the flag drying at different rates. Like efflorescence, given time the natural weathering process such as patches will tone down and become less visible.

Due to the nature of concrete and stone products. Paving slabs in particular will have their own unique characteristics in colour or shade and no responsibility can be taken for these variations.

unless otherwise arranged all payments to be made immediately on completion of contracted work, delayed payments will be subject to late payment fees,
clients are liable for payment in full of any non returnable orders and or transportation costs arising from cancellation or changes to such orders.