A. B. Services Kent LTD provide a strong and reliable Patio laying service. We use a strong cement mix and lay the slab you require or provide.

We ensure that the patio slabs are sitting on a strong and sufficient base to prevent any cracks or uneven slabs.

Please take a look at the images below of previous work undertaken.


The completed job displayed below was laid using Raj green indian sandstone slabs with a granite set boardering edge. This patio job also required us to install a sleeper barrier wall with balistrade railing. For decorative purposes we also placed Sandstone spheres.


The patio job completed below was laid using Sandstone sunset Buff slabs. When installing the steps we used a strong support handrail for safety with decorative post endcaps.


The Patio and path below was laid using Grey Fossil slabs. At the front of the garden the barrier was created using sleepers.

Vigo Village

The job completed below was completed using Sandstone sunset buff slabs and edged sleepers with inset steps.


The job we completed below was completed using Raj indian sandstone slabs with granite set block edging.


The patio job below was laid using fossil mint sandstone slabs. This job was part of the other part of this job was a decking please click here if you wish to view it.

Spur Road

The job completed below involved removing old decking and laying Hammered yellow granite slabs with a sevenoaks yellow brick as a boardering edge.

Mr and Mrs Varney, Orpington

The patio completed below was laid using Panache Silver Grey slabs.

I would like to also note that these fantastic customers kindly sent us a letter stating how happy they are with our work. Please click here to view.

Petts Wood

The patio below was laid using sandstone beige with a Autumn gold block edging.

Weathered Autumn slabs with curved planters

Below is a project before and after in which we was asked to create a usable front and back patio with large curved planters. We did this using cut sleepers and weathered autumn slabs.

Weathered Autumn slabs

When we started the following project we was tasked with taking up original patio and relay it properly however after explaining the small extra expense it will cost to put new slabs down the client decided to go for it. This job was completed using weathered autumn slabs, new sleepers creating a barrier and blue slate stones.

porcelain black textured slabs

Below displays a patio we recently completed using Porcelain black textured slabs. Please note that due to the texture of the slabs they cannot be sealed but will retain their color for multiple years to come. The slabs within the pictures below are wet due to our fantastic British weather.


For the following project we were asked to increase the current size of the raised patio and create a front slabbed area with planters. to accomplish this we used york gold slabs, cross hatch panels and granite set blocks. Please also see attached letter from client.


New Addington

For this project we was asked to increase the size of the existing patio and build new retaining walls. The patio slabs used were york gold and the bricks were buff stocks. After we completed this project the customer requested if we could lay some artificial grass in their front garden click here to view this.

Bromley common, Sue & neil

A. B. Services was asked to take up an existing patio and relay and extend it to do this we used Quorndon buff slabs and railway sleepers as an edging. This project also involved creating a small patio at the bottom of the garden.

Ms Gough Petts Wood

Below displays a large patio that includes a small water feature and a smaller seating area. This was layed using bradstone brackendale moonlight slabs.


The project below was completed using mellow york slabs and highland pebbles. This completed project was also sealed to prevent discoloring over time. Please view below of at the images of the before and after of this job.

Avalon Road
The project below was laid using Rustic Slate Slabs. Please view below at the before and after images.

Mrs Platt

The project below was completed for a customer that required for a shed to be demolished, cut down and dispose of a tree, remove and replace fencing on all sides, remove an existing decking and create two patio areas one large. the other small.
please view below for this job before and after.


below displays a project for a customer who we have completed fencing and laid a log cabin base as she requested. The images displayed below show a patio and path around the log cabin this was laid using mellow stone with a compus center piece.


below is a project where we were asked to remove and dispose of existing decking, lay a new patio using autumn silver shade with county panel fencing. please view below the before and after pictures of this project.

eillen and mike

below is a project where the customer asked us to extend a patio however during this job the customer asked us to do the rest of the garden with a block circle. The patio slabs used for this job are mellow york which come in a variety of three sizes. please view below the before and after pictures of this projects.

Repton  Road

Below displays a job that was completed using autumn bronze slabs with a block edging.


Mr & Mrs Sheeran, Bickley

This Patio was laid using bradstone autumn bronze slabs and then sealed to bring out there natural colours and preserve them. Also because of the different levels of garden we used decking panels to give a seperate area look
. Please see below pictures before the work was started.

Below shows images of the patio after the job has been completed.

Mr Clarke, Bickley

The patio below was laid using mellow york slabs with  brett edging block to give it a defined look as per the customers request.
Below displays the patio before work was carried out.
Below displays the patio completed.

Kings Road

The above image displays a job in Kings Road before work was undertaken.

The above image displayed a job in Kings Road after the work was undertaken.

Below is an photo of a patio for a Mrs Jones


                                Patio                                                                Adjoining path to the patio

           Steps leading to the path

After Completion

below displays a close up of the patio, this slab is called mellow york riven.

Steps leading to the path

Below shows a block paving patio with scattered paving slabs that the customer wanted us to integrate within the patio design.
The customer for this job is like many other happy customers and have used us repeatedly for his fencing and planters.

The images below display a job in Dartford.

The Images below are the patio and a path before the job was started.

The images below display once the existing patio and path has been removed and a soakaway was dug and placed under the patio. The reason for the soakaway is the customer was also having a large slopping driveway therefore a gully system had to be placed to remove the troubles of flooding.

The images displayed below show the finished patio job, this patio was laid using a contrast of three different colour charcoal, silver and white these slabs were also sealed to protect and preserve their colour.

The job displayed above was part of a two part job which include a large driveway if you would like to see the driveway job please click here.

Earlier this year we completed a fencing job in Swanley that involved cutting back foliage and replacing damaged fencing after completing this the customer commissioned us to lay a new patio and make her garden maintenance free. Below displays the patio after the job was completed.

If you would like to view the job before it was completed please click here.

Please if you have any queries feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please remember that A. B. Services provide free quotes.

Concrete Products

Efflorescence: Efflorescence is a temporary salt residue that can occur on all concrete products in their initial life. The salt masks the colour of the products and is often mistaken for fading. The best course of action is to leave the paved area to weather over time and efflorescence will usually disappear.

Differential Curing: dark patches occasionally appear on the surface of garden products. This is is known as Differential Curing and is caused by varying moisture levels within the flag drying at different rates. Like efflorescence, given time the natural weathering process such as patches will tone down and become less visible.

Due to the nature of concrete and stone products. Paving slabs in particular will have their own unique characteristics in colour or shade and no responsibility can be taken for these variations.