A. B. Services Kent LTD provide a fencing service, we remove and dispose of the debris created in taking down the old fencing and fit and replace it with new strong reliable fencing sourced from a local independent supplier.

Please note that due to a large amount of our work being fencing we choose to just show the veriety of fencing instead of displaying all of our fencing jobs.

please take a look at our previous work below.


The side fencing on this job was installed using close board panels with a twelve inch concrete gravel boards. The rear fencing was installed with Waney panels with wooden graven boards.


The fencing job below was installed using close board feather edge panels with twelve inch reccess gravel boards and concrete posts.


Below is a fencing job that we completed using concrete gravel boards with square top continental panels.

Badgers Mount

The fencing below involved cutting down and removing existing trees and installing Omega panels with a 12" gravel board.


The Job completed below involved removing the old fencing, cutting back ivy and installing new fencing.

Petts Wood

The fencing project below required a gate and feather edge with arris rails at the bottom of the garden. This project also required round top county panels with concrete gravel boards and concrete posts.

Downe, kent

The fencing below displays Palisade fence panels with regency gates.

Stonehill Woods Park

The fencing/barrier below was installed using 12 inch rock faced gravel boards, 3ft trellis and concrete slotted posts.

Pam & Rob, Hillcrest

The fencing below was erected using closeboard feather edge panels, 12 inch concrete recessed gravel boards and 8ft concrete slotted posts.

Ms Davies Orpington

Below displays a fencing project that was installed using wooden posts, wanney panels and 12 inch concrete gravel boards. This job was part of a two part project which involved decking if you would like to view this please click here Decking.
Please view for this fencing project.
This customer also left a fantastic comment please click here to view this Comment.

MR and Mrs Berry, Badgers Mount

The fencing project below was installed using the county panels, 12 inch concrete gravel boards, concrete posts and a county panel style gate. Please look below at the completed project.

MR and Mrs Hardy, Orpington

The Fencing below was created using feather edge boards and a sight curve was shaped into the panels as the customer requested.

Shelly Close, Orpington

The above job was completed in Shelly Close Orpington.

The above images show of a bottom garden fence that was completed in a fast but professional standard as per the customers requests.

Below is a fencing job completed within the Orpington district for a Mr Parkhurst as per request.
On the left is a rear fence of the customers and to the right is a fence the is to the neighbours as seen on the image below.

Below is the neighbours aspect of Mr Parkhursts fence.

Below displays a recent job completed for a happy customer in Swanley.

the job displayed required removal of foliage, the removal of the existing fencing and fitting new feather edge boards as per the customers requests.

the images below display a corner of the garden that shows the before, during and the finished product of the fencing job.

below shows the other corner of the garden in the same stages as above.

Below displays the customers side gate before it was removed and after it was removed.

The images below display the before and after installation of the customers driveway gates with the gates in an open and closed position.

below displays an image of the garden after the job has been completed.

after completing the job displayed above the customer commissioned us to re-landscape the garden which has now been completed and the pictures can now be viewed please click here.

If you have any queries you would like to ask please feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

please also note that A. B. Services Kent LTD provides free quotes.