A. B. Services Kent LTD provides a strong and reliable decking service which include any removal and preperation needed for fitting the decking.

A. B. Services uses a reliable company to provide the best materials for the job. Once you decking has been fitted we also protect the decking with a sealer which makes for easier maintenance and longer life.

Please view below at previous work completed.


The Decking job displayed below involved us installing two seperate decking areas for the customer this was laid using a brown oak stainer.


The decking job we completed below was part of a two part job. The other job was a natural stone slabbed patio please click here if you wish to view it. This decking job was laid using a natural decking stainer with a rope barrier. The rope rope barrier was installed using chrome hooks. On the side of this decking was created a raised side platform for a barbecue.


The decking below was created using a natural decking stainer with spindle railing panels.

Ms Davies Orpington

Below displays a decking job that involved clearing an area creating a large seating area that was stained using a natural decking stainer. Please note this was a second part project that involved fencing if you would like to view please click here Fencing.
. This customer also left a fantastic comment please click here to view this Comment.

Petts Wood

This decking project was stained and protected using a natural oak stainer.
Please view the images below of the before and after of this project.

Orpington mr vissen

This decking was stained and protected using a natural stain colour. please see beforeĀ  and after of this project.

TheĀ  images below was before a job was prepared and layed in Hailebury Road.


Austin Road, Mr Kirkland

The images below display a recent decking job completed with decking lights and security lights as per request of the customer this job was also stained with a dark oak wood protector as customer required.

Below displays the job before the work has been started.

Below displays the job completed with the lights on at night and during the day.

Albyfield Road

below shows a decking job through its progression for one of our repeat customers.

below displays the completed decking which was stained with an Ebony decking stainer as per requested by the customer. This decking job also had lights evenly spaced along the wall.

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